Monday, January 20, 2014

Is There a Link Between TMJ & Sleep Apnea?

The other day a patient asked us if there was a connection between her TMJ and her snoring. This is such an interesting question that we are very excited to address.

There is no direct relationship between sleep apnea and TMJ, but many sleep apnea patients have TMJ symptoms, such as muscle pain, due to emotional discomfort and lack of sleep. Patients with a small lower jaw, known as mandibular hypoplasia, have a greater chance of having TMJ derangement. Therefore, TMJ and sleep apnea are indirectly related.

Furthermore, the appliance that is made for TMJ and sleep apnea, an anterior positioning splint, is almost the same! In both appliances, the lower jaw is being moved forward. This is why a lot of general dentists offer TMJ and sleep apnea treatment to their patients. We believe it is important to see a specialist for TMJ and sleep apnea because not every patient should use, or will, benefit from a splint. Take a look at our previous post about splint therapy for TMJ, here.

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